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ATOWAK COBRA: A Unique and Innovative Timepiece

The ATOWAK COBRA is a unique and innovative timepiece that is sure to turn heads. The watch features a patented satellite hour wheel indicator that is both stylish and functional. The hour numerals are displayed on one of three wheel arms mounted 120 degrees apart, with each arm having four numbers on its carousel. These displays rotate as the hours change, while on the end of each hour arm is a fang-like tip, which indicates the minutes on a 60-minute retrograde scale. The watch has a high-tech ophidian-inspired case made from 316L steel, which is low carbon and therefore more resistant to corrosion. The case requires 300 tonnes of heavy machinery to mould it through multiple gravity presses. It is subjected to 50 different polishing and finishing processes before finally being decorated with a Geneva woven pattern to mimic the scales on a king cobra’s head, so that when viewed from above it looks like a snake ready to strike.

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